Getting Out Of Addis Ababa

We’re finally heading out of Addis for a few days! Not that this isn’t a great city, it probably is…but we’ve spent almost all of our time in a hotel and I can’t wait to get out and see the countryside. I’ve totally been spoiled so far: nice showers, meals cooked for us, more water than I could drink in a lifetime, and fantastic weather! And even though we’ve had classes every day we’ve definitely had plenty of time for fun, cue: photo of us playing forks (significantly more dangerous than spoons!)

I’ll try to update again soon. But I literally have to leave in 7 minutes! I can’t believe I’m in Ethiopia!!!

  1. Forks? or should it be Sporks? What does the looser have to do? Hope you’re having fun in the village/countryside this weekend. I’ll call ya 2pm/10pm

  2. Definitely forks, we had no spoons (or sporks)! We only finished one round and then ate dinner…we’ll have to come up with something arduous for future losers to do. Hosanna was definitely demystifying…I’ll talk to you more when you call tonight!

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