Fidel Yoga

I need to start this post by letting everyone know I’ve had seven cups of tea today. Seven. One after breakfast, one with morning šay/buna, one after lunch, one with afternoon šay/buna, two at mäkïsäs (evening snack) at Joel’s house, and finally, one after dinner. I know that sounds like a lot of tea – because it is – but it tastes so good here!

Anyway, the amount of tea I drink here is not the purpose of this blog entry. I’m writing this to tell you all about the brilliant idea I had today: Fidel Yoga. Fidel is Amharic’s alphabet, but I feel like I’m in art class when I’m “writing” it. So I’ve had a few difficulties memorizing it.

One of the guys in my town came up with a song that begins “I can dance the two-legged letters” (because fidel is broken into four groups: legless, uni-legged, two-legged, and three-legged characters), and we were singing it in class today talking about how we should create a music video for it.

We were trying to figure out the logistics of actually dancing all of these symbols and I started to give some of them a shot. After trying a few I decided these would make awesome yoga poses (you should know I’ve done yoga twice in my life ha ha).

So now I have a new goal for my two years here: Fidel Yoga. I’m going to create a yoga pose for all 231 Fidel characters. And it’s going to be awesome : ) I’ll take still shots of each pose and then create a yoga video stringing the poses (characters) into words. Like I said: awesome. I’ll let you know how it goes!

(I swear I don’t have as much free time as I’m sure this post is leading you to believe.)

July 18, 2012

An update: I’m going to try to take all 231 of these pictures on Saturday (August 11). It’s going to be awesome!

Second update: I never did this. But the photo that accompanies this blog is where I would have. Had I not been too lazy.

  1. You did Yoga only twice??- so whyyyy DID I buy you a Yoga mat years ago? What? You’ve been letting it collect dust? At least you can use it now. By the way, dad says tea is not Mountain Dew. HaHa

    1. Actually…I don’t think I used it either time I did yoga ha ha BUT I have used it for pilates…a few times : ) And I’ll definitely be using it once I get to site! So it may have taken a few years, but it was a worthwhile purchase! And my new beverage of choice these last few weeks has been lošay aka tea with peanut butter: it’s so good!

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