Welcome to the club

Yep, it’s official. I joined the “I got bit by a dog” club. It may not sound like the best club ever, but I’d prefer membership in this club to the “I shit my pants” club – which apparently many PCVs join.

So what had happened was (oh Morgan)…I was late to catch the bus to Assela for training and so I was jogging away from my house. Our neighbor’s dog was out with her puppy. She’s never been a particularly friendly dog, but she’s also never done anything more aggressive than bark. That day however, she bristled and looked very on-guard. I kept a wide berth, and she let me pass without incident. However, once my back was turned, she chased me and bit me on my calf. Awesome.

A lot of cursing and a little bit of limping later and I was at the café meeting up with everyone. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but when I called the med office to give them a heads up, I found out that I had to go to Addis for a rabies booster and antibiotics.

Luckily there was a group of girls leaving for Addis that day for dentist appointments so I was able to catch a ride with them. And I have to be honest…getting bit by that dog ended up being a huge blessing in disguise. That night we went out to dinner at Paradise and I got ratatouille and french fries – yum.

The next day for lunch we went to Aba Guben Bakery and had two of the best pizzas I’ve had in Ethiopia…we also had dessert. Me and Deb each got a slice of pie and then split them: strawberry and chocolate coconut. Heaven. I’ll be honest, Addis is not my favourite Ethiopian city, but man, does it have some awesome restaurants. So now I feel really well fed : ) I also got a cinnamon roll with raisins. Again, heaven.

Now I’m back home in Sagure and feeling pretty good. The only downside, I have to go back to Addis on Sunday for another rabies booster. I could have just stayed in Addis these next few days, but tomorrow is our Host-Family Appreciation Celebration and there was no way I was missing that! Or the Fidel yoga that’s going to follow in the afternoon ha ha

Also: initially I had felt like I was partially to blame for the dog biting me…she was just being overprotective of her puppy, but I have since learned that I am the third person she’s bitten. So I guess it wasn’t me ha ha oh well, it’s Ethiopia – nothing surprises me anymore. I’m just glad I don’t have rabies : )

This is just one of many stories I now have that, of course, could only happen to me in Ethiopia. Welcome to Peace Corps.

August 10, 2012

  1. Ashley, so glad you’re doing okay and hopefully the dog didn’t have rabies being it has bitten other’s before. Thank you for keeping us up-dated. Glad you got some good food that you like!! Love Always Grandpa and Grandma

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