I befriended some hyenas in Yirgalem and lived to tell the tale

I had a very Lion King weekend, more along the lines of hanging with hyenas than having to deal with that whole Hamlet thing. The part that surprised me the most…how darn cute hyena cubs are.

Seriously though…these cubs were adorable. And yes, they were wild, but they were so timid around the nearby vultures that I never felt unsafe. And, for full disclosure, we didn’t just happen upon the hyenas in the wild, we went to a lodge in Yirgalem known for their nearby hyenas. We even went to their dens during the day while they slept.

It was a great weekend. In addition to our hyena sighting (which happened twice)…


We also had a bonfire and ate some incredible food – part Ethiopian, part Italian aka heaven. And they also had a coffee ceremony – with the best popcorn I’ve had in country!

All that was missing were the s’mores!

But I can’t complain. The Southern Nation Ladies (as we’ve dubbed ourselves!) had a pretty fantastic time.

And the view was great…

  1. I’m a friend of your mom’s (in Guatemala now) and LOVE reading your blog posts! Thank you for sharing your adventures. Sorry, but while reading this one, I keep hearing a voice saying “Mufasa!!” (*shiver*)… “Say it again!” “MUFASA!!!!!” (*shiver*)…. 😉

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