I’ll never get used to these views: Wenchi Crater Lake

Sorry it’s been so long since my last update! Things have been pretty crazy here and the wireless has been pretty unreliable as well – I know what you’re thinking…intermittent wireless, sounds rough. Well it is : )

So these photos are a few weeks old…I took them on our hike around Wenchi Crater Lake in Ambo during IST.


Our first glimpse of the lake.


At the start of the hike, we had no idea it would take 6 hours! And…most of us had bacterial infections haha, but it was still totally worth it : )


Me and Laura, being adventurous! It was interesting running/falling back down and out of this!


This is what paradise is supposed to look like!


The perfect pastoral scenery.


Another shot of the lake.


Everyone in the boat on the way to the monastery.


Some people got to take these canoes back! I would have loved to.


The End : )

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