Welcome to my classroom: Peace Corps teacher

More and more students have been coming to my classroom lately and I figured I’d let you in on what we do…because let’s face it. I’m not a teacher.

I was a teacher’s aide for an ESL preschool for a little over 9 months and then I taught adult ESL myself for 3 months, but at the end of the day, I’d rather simply hang out with kids.

If they learn something while hanging out with me cool, but that’s not exactly a necessity in my book. That said, I think they really are improving their English. On a typical day…

We count together…


We read together…


We colour together…I’ll never tell you which of these drawings I did and which were done by the students : )


But mostly…we just hang out.


And I’m pretty ok with that, too.

I’d also like to point out that the number of times I hear “You, you, you!” // “Where you go?” // “How do you find the air condition?” has gone down significantly in the seven or so months that I’ve been at my school. I count that as a huge success…now if only proper English could catch on in the rest of the town!

“I am fine.”

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