A teacher no more…

Whew…after two years living and working in Ethiopia, my time as a teacher has finally come to a close! Yesterday marked the end of my Reading Program at Adare and we celebrated with an award ceremony and cookies : )

Two students from each grade 7 & 8 class were named “Adare Star Readers” and were allowed to pick a chapter book – graciously donated by friends, family, and strangers – to bring home and continue their reading practice. Books chosen were classics like Matilda, The Magician’s Elephant, Bridge to Terabithia, and Peter Pan.

The joy on their faces was worth the struggle I sometimes went through keeping this program up and running over the last nine months. I just want to say thank you to everyone back home who helped support this program, the students will never forget it!


Twenty-one books total were given to individual students, but the giving didn’t stop there! We had a total of 234 books donated, which I split between Adare Primary School, Nigat Kokeb Primary School, and the Hawassa College of Teacher Education.

My library beautification program lasted longer and took even more blood, sweat, and tears than the Reading Program, but in the end, that too was worth it. The final result…


As my service here comes to a close, I’m proud to have these accomplishments to look back on. But now…bring on summer vacation : ) I could use some rest and relaxation.

  1. Way to go!!! I’m thrilled that the students received so many books and your love of reading is contagious. I’m sure you touched more people in more ways than you can imagine by the love of Jesus in you.

  2. ASHLEY, We’re so proud of all your accomplishments; especially your books you published and the library. Have a great time relaxing but be safe. Love always Grandpa and Grandma

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