Island hopping in Thailand

An hour waiting in line, two more on a boat, and a final eight on a bus, and I’m finally back in Bangkok. Hard to believe we’re already done with Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Koh Sam (as I keep calling it) was definitely my favourite (hilarious since we initially planned only one night there), but Koh Tao definitely had it’s perks.

We stayed at Coral View Dive Resort, which is on the quieter side of the island. And while the staff was a bit prickly, we couldn’t argue with the beauty of our surroundings. The rooms were 900 baht a night, but worth it for the privacy.


The bungalow next to us housed two more RPCVs (Yata and Zach), who decided to join us for some fun in the sun : ) We spent the first few days relaxing by the water and enjoying the views – and making a run into town for supplies. We were even more secluded than we had imagined and had very little access to anything! The food at the resort was decent, but pricey, so being the cheapskates we all are, we bought cereal and fresh fruit for our breakfasts. Ah, the joys of having 7-Elevens (and fresh markets) around!

We split up on our final full day on the island. I have to say, Chandler and I chose the right agenda. While Yata and Zach were having a rough go at it (minor motorbike accident, which left them scraped and bruised and minus $300), we were snorkeling.

We were promised (aka the resort’s website mentioned) that juvenile black tip sharks frequent the area – well, that didn’t happen, but the fish were beautiful and in every colour you could imagine. We had so much fun, with only the slightest sunburns to show for our day out.

It also happened to be Chandler’s birthday, so the day was definitely well photographed. I hope these photos make you laugh as much as I did : )



And now, Chandler and I are back in Bangkok. Yata and Zach had to stay in Koh Tao (poor things, right?) due to a debit card debacle – seriously though, these two have the worst of luck haha but we’ll meet back up in a couple days.

For now, I am absolutely loving this trip! And am hoping to have more sunsets like this…


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