Wonderings: Exploring New Cultures

Which food group does honey fall into? Fats, oils, and sugars. What are coconuts? Fruit. Is garlic a vegetable? Yes. Do cranberries grow on bushes? No, on vines.

In our first Unit of Inquiry we’re talking about healthy habits when it comes to relationships, foods, and exercise. These are my students’ wonderings…

And I’m realizing, maybe I should be a little more curious as well. My whole life, a good portion of my curiosity was satisfied by reading interesting literature. This week was a great week for me. Our high school library just released their new shipment of books and as I perused the list, my own personal “to-read” list grew.

Which, by the way, sounds exactly like my interactions with the Summerglen Library in Fort Worth. It wouldn’t be a hyperbole to state that reading is my favourite past time. But I have to remind myself to look around and admire my new surroundings.

Ghana is a new country for me and despite the overwhelming similarities I find with Ethiopia, I’ve never been here before and I need to stop taking advantage of all of the easy (read lazy) comforts I’ve gotten used to in the past month.

Monday-Friday we walk across the street and step onto campus. Saturday we stay home or walk to a nearby teacher’s home or hop on a school sponsored bus to a nearby activity. Sunday we call up our trusted cabbie to take us grocery shopping and sometimes, we eat at Pizza Hut.

It’s so easy to fall into routines and become complacent. And, let’s face it…I love the predictability of that lifestyle. But also, didn’t I move abroad because I was already feeling too complacent? And we’d only been in the United States for a year and a half.

I guess what I’m saying is I’m ready to start researching places in Ghana to visit. Mole National Park and Cape Coast are already on the list, but I need to add a lot more to that! And not just in Ghana, but in Accra itself. I’ve heard rumors of a botanical garden, some killer restaurants, and even a few interesting city tours put on by the US Embassy.

Today we ventured on over to Osu and perused Global Mamas. I bought this awesome headband and have decided getting out and about is just what I need right now : )


    1. We’re living in the capital here, so life is pretty easy! We have access to just about everything we want and our situation is much nicer. That said, I miss my Hawassaian students! Here, my students are from around the world and their performance is quite good, but, of course, I miss the students I already got to know : )

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