Tequila Night

All right, picture the song “Tequila” blasting over the speakers, 20-some waitstaff dancing with maracas, and an entire restaurant singing along. Oh, did I mention the restaurant had just passed out free tequila shots? That’s why we were singing : )

Thursday nights are Mexican Night at Coco Lounge and we were told to arrive early in order to snag a seat. We rolled in and placed right before my very eyes was the first (ok, second…Burger & Relish killed it too) legit cocktail menu I’ve seen in Accra. And with it, legit cocktail prices! Haha

It wasn’t hard for the group to decide on our drink of choice for the evening – margaritas. Make mine passion fruit, please!

We started with fried plantain chips & salsa and quickly moved on to tortilla chips & a black bean dip. I still dream about that dip!

The tacos were bite-sized (ok, two-bite sized) and adorable. A bit heavy on the sour cream, but good news, Ghanaian sour cream tastes nothing like the real stuff! Thank goodness, because real sour cream is disgusting.

After that, I thought we were wrapping things up when our host walked by and tossed this on Andy’s head:


Ole! And a few minutes later we were tossing back our free cinnamon flavored tequila shots! Unfortunately, the sopapilla bites were “finished,” so I took that as our cue to go. I ran to the bathroom and returned to find this:


Apparently my crew had decided to order another round of the cinnamon tequila shots, but were convinced a tequila flight was really what they were looking for. Somehow, the green tequila was delicious…the rest I could live without.

I also wasn’t complaining too much…more guacamole? Yes, please! And everything on the table for 35 cedi ($8.86)? Yes, PLEASE!

I have to admit, I enjoyed our glamorous night out. It almost didn’t bother me the next day when one of my not-too-kind students informed me, “Ms. Ashley, you look a little tired today.”

Yes, dear, I am. But at least I’m having fun : )

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