Hawassa: Where dreams come true

The best way to describe Hawassa is to show you pictures of Hawassa. Otherwise you’ll never believe what I’m saying. Because come mid-August, I’m going to be living in paradise.

Everything was so green on the drive south from Addis.

This is a picture of my school – part of it – this building houses grades 5-8 as well as the English club. It was built 2 years ago and is incredible!

My first night in Hawassa my counterpart Eltzabet took me to the Lewi resort. This was the view! Minnesota lake + Colorado mountains = a little slice of heaven.

A few days later, Holly’s counterpart Tesfahun (in photo) took me to the Haile resort.

This was the view from Haile. Breathtaking, right?

And this one isn’t too shabby either : )

My last day in Hawassa I was joined by a number of other Southern Nation Ladies. Here’s me and Ohnsoon enjoying our Time Juice – a life-changing beverage!

We also went to a monkey park! Monkeys here are like squirrels in Minnesota.

Wayne, Ohnsoon, Julia, and Emily, enjoying the lakeside view at the monkey park.

I seriously can’t believe this is going to be my home for the next two years. If you weren’t planning on coming and visiting me, you should : )

  1. You look like you are having so much fun! What a beautiful place. 🙂 You won’t like it in MN anymore when you come back, at least that’s what I think.

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