Read any good books lately?

It’s finals week at my school, which means my classroom has been appropriated and I’ve relocated to our library/copying center for tests/random room. I’ve decided to make the most of my time and dust/organize the books by reading level. Once I’ve finished, we can start moving the books into our recently built library.

It’s actually been a lot of fun going through shelf upon shelf of the randomest books people have thought to donate to Africa over the years. I thought I’d share some of the gems I’ve found so far with you…


No primary school needs this many romance novels in its collection. In fact, I’d go as far as saying they’d probably be just fine if they had a grand total of zero of these kinds of books.


If you think the cover of this book is priceless, get a look at the backside…


I’m not sure how I got through my teen years without this book.


Four more incredibly helpful and easily accessible books.


That’s right…a book about the Minnesota Vikings. It’s like they knew I was coming : )


Hey look, FINALLY, a book for kids. But wait…it’s not in English, Amharic, or Sidamigna…the three languages my students are actually learning.


But every once and a while there actually is a real gem. And now I can’t wait to read Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree with my students.

  1. What do you mean, the fundamentals of dialectical materialism sounds like the perfect book for a child.

  2. “No primary school needs this many romance novels in its collection” – SO funny!!!! It’s both slightly sad and funny at the same time I suppose. But heck, I laughed 😀

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