Books that shouldn’t be sent to Africa: Part 2

As you may have guessed, I finished going through the books at my school and figured I’d share a few more of the more memorable titles.

Once again…numerable romance novels. Check out the variety – one that takes place in Texas, another that occurs over the holiday season, and a good ol’ fashioned “men at work” one. Quality.


Did anyone know this was a book, FIRST?


Just what Ethiopian children need…learning about the different ways American children irritate their parents and reading material about marriage – we’re trying to prevent child marriages!


I know Ethiopian children everywhere were wondering, “What was Macaulay Culkin like as a child star?” But in all seriousness, this round of books contained a lot more child-friendly options.


Don’t worry, I checked it out. Nothing terrible happened. Page 153 was just like page 152 and 52 and 3.


And then I stumbled upon these blasts from my past…who could forget the Choose Your Own Adventure books? Or Animorphs? Classics : ) Though the reading level is still a bit high for my students.


This book and the following were my favourite finds of the day. Of all the Disney princesses they could have books about, the one they had was of my favourite childhood film – The Little Mermaid.


And last but not least, An American Tail. Awesome.

I’d consider this round a bigger success than the previous bunch. But I still can’t wait to get my hands on some new books! These kids have been reading everything they can get their hands on and I can’t wait to introduce them to what I consider to be “quality” books!

  1. Hello! As an officer of Friends of African Village Libraries, I laughed out loud at your inappropriate book donation posts. Hilarious and oh, so true! People often don’t think about a book’s relevance or interest, but simply view book donations as an emetic.

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