The best joke I’ve heard in Ethiopia

My lovely friend Morgan called this morning to wish me a happy birthday, and she shared this gem of a joke that one of her Ethiopian friends told her…

*Forgive the dated country leaders!

Meles Zenawi (PM of Ethiopia – at the time) and Bill Clinton are hanging out in Addis Ababa driving toward the palace. Bill sees a guy taking a shit on the side of the street and turns to Meles and says “Really? You just let your people shit in the street? Don’t you have more respect for your country?”

So Meles stops the car and gets out to talk to the guy. He gets back in the car and Bill asks what the man said. Meles replies, “He’s just crazy, he doesn’t know any better.” Bill decides that’s a fine enough answer and they leave it at that.

Later on, Meles and Bill are in America and they’re driving toward the White House. They pass by a guy pissing in the street and Meles goes, “Really, Bill? I expect this in Ethiopia, but you have guys doing it in America too.”

So Bill gets out of the car to talk to the man. When he returns, Meles asks what the man had to say for himself. Bill says, “The man said he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia for three years.”

This is the point where you laugh…hard. Or at least I did. Because really, I could imagine this happening : )

Happy February 13th, all!

  1. Love the joke, thank you for that. I’ll probably steal it and change it to Haiti or any other mission I end up going to.

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