The Hawassa Race: Do I look like a runner to you?


That question was rhetorical. But still, I don’t run. Which is probably why I decided to volunteer for the Hawassa Race instead of attempt the 7 km or 21 km half-marathon this past weekend.

We started at 6 am sharp and the half-marathon runners took off at 6:30. An hour later, it was time for the kid’s race.


They were my favourite group (especially the girls) because some got really into it…check out the face paint! We had them dance to warm up and then they took off with just as much enthusiasm as the adults had.

Half an hour later, the elites took off on their own half-marathon and you could tell these runners meant business. Real running shoes and race gear. They didn’t need us holding them back at the start, they had done this before.


The 7 km runners were a different story. The head volunteer actually moved me to the finish line after a few minutes at the start of this group…it was pure insanity. Major props to all the volunteers who actually ran it – there were way too many people for me to want to participate!


With the races finished, it was time to celebrate and congratulate everyone involved. The party moved from restaurant to restaurant in true Ethiopian style. Starting at Tropical Burger before moving on to Bera Beer and finishing up at Dolce Vita: veggie burgers, gin, and Italian, what more could a girl want?

Definitely had some good food that day : ) And now, a final photo to sum up the evening!


  1. I love your picture, my little model! I can’t wait to see you. I’m glad you don’t run so I can keep up with you in Italy, where we get to have authentic Italian food.


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