Lucy, I’m home: Home decor in Ethiopia

A week and a half away from my one-year mark in Ethiopia, and I’m finally ready to show off my house : ) Keep in mind I’ve only lived here the last seven or so months…and yes, it did take me all seven months to purchase all of this furniture!


My beautiful entryway, complete with a rug and a darling flower pot given to me by Jackie…I killed the cilantro she had planted and am now trying my hand at grapes. Or weeds. I’ll let you know when I find out!


My lovely entryway, with a bench (an idea I stole from Amanda), a calendar, a plethora of scarves, and far too few shoes.


And now on to the living room…make sure to take off your shoes : ) I chose mattresses instead of chairs/couches because they are cheaper and they hold more overnight guests…I think nine is the most we’ve fit in here so far.


And finally, all the way on the other side of the room…my bedroom! My biggest luxury: a queen-sized, spring mattress – worth every birr : ) Plus my wardrobe, nightstand, and brand-new bookshelf!

Then we move on to the kitchen. One side hosts all my food and is where I do all of my cooking. Thank God for propane stoves!


The other half is home to my fresh veggies, dishes, drying rack, and buckets. I love buckets. I think I’m going to start collecting them : ) They’re just so handy. And they come in so many bright colours.

So there you have it. The life of a PCV in Hawassa, Ethiopia. Outside and to the right you’ll find my stone sink, cold shower, and porcelain shint bet. I feel pretty lucky to call this place home – especially now that the ceiling has stopped leaking! And in August, a lovely fridge will be joining me as well! I decided 14 months without one will be long enough. So bring on the cheese and chilled wine. Year two is gonna be great!

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