1. A year! Time flies…

    We are all on Summer Break, finally. After a million make-up snow days, we now quickly bask in the short spurts of sun before the rain comes.

    After a great first year at NDSU, Austin is working at 3M in the Chem. Lab with a very smart engineer. (No, not Mike!) He works straight days this summer and picks up any overtime he can get.

    Madison is in Bemidji right now with Heather taking care of their newborn son, Easton, while Heather works in her clinic a couple days a week. She will be home in 2 weeks. I don’t know how your mom does it, as I can hardly wait for Madison to get home!

    Joey has 2 hours of basketball, 2 hours of tennis, and 2 hours (or more) of baseball almost every day.

    Madison, Joey, and I will leave in a month for our Mission Trip. We are so excited to share Jesus with the citizen’s of New Orleans!

    Mike is working, coaching, working, playing a little softball, and working!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us. You are thought of often.

    Keep serving, we’ll keep praying!

    Love you,

    1. Hey Chelle! Thanks for your response. It’s great to hear what people back home are up to! Mom, Brittany, and I are all in Italy right now. My last day of school in Ethiopia was this past Monday – so summer break, finally! Ha : )

      Hope you guys have fun in New Orleans. Sounds like you’re all keeping busy. Can’t wait to see you all next year!

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